MY SUFFERING – iPunk Remix Free Download

June 13, 2010, Posted by Overlord at 11:58 pm

Here is another INSIDETHETOURBUS exclusive… NOT A BOOTLEG – NOT A COVER VERSION – JUST AN OFFICIAL KICKASS REMIX – the iPunk produced remix of the mind blowing Dead By Sunrise track MY SUFFERING.

How much is it gonna cost ya? Freak all mothersqueekers, we are giving it to you for free!

Just click on the link right below this line for the FREE download.

My Suffering - iPunk Remix (22505)

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  1. DerCube says:

    thx for the free track… great work!

  2. andy says:

    kickass – yeah – kickass!!!!!!!

  3. SpitzR says:

    really good track!

  4. BobShaw says:

    This one is GREAT !! Thanks for releasing it for free ! Keep up the good work !!

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  6. Mike says:


  7. flakus says:


  8. inaneinsane says:

    thx 4 another gr8 free track

  9. Southpaw says:

    It’s crap. Shitty remix. The beat is good, that’s about all.

  10. gerrydee says:

    @southpaw – you must be loads of fun at Christmas. This gift is shit! Why did you get me another shitty sweater. I hate you mom! lol

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  12. dave says:

    love the original + love the remix … well done!!!

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  15. Felipe says:

    Very Amazing

  16. audiobomber says:

    lässig , owa z`laud und z`schoaf

  17. Tamara says:

    Thanks for the free track…but sorry not my kind of music.
    Love the original!!!!!!!

  18. Steve says:


  19. rajtabh bector says:

    great song just love it

  20. [...] your way over to Inside The Tour Bus for an exclusive iPunk produced remix of “My Suffering”! You can download it right away [...]

  21. roman says:

    Thank you very much ;-)

  22. tom says:

    ROCK ON!!!!!

  23. Ирина says:

    Good sound, the music itself gives a new meaning))))))).

  24. chazzcca says:

    thanks for song :)
    i love this song xDD

  25. JSD says:

    Ipunk bomb!

  26. dan says:

    simply fantastic & for free – THANKS GUYS

  27. vivi says:

    this is awesome!thanks guys for the free download!it sounds amazing!!!

  28. Anarias says:

    well sorry, but I don´t like it. Very boring to hear, the commercial electro thing not more.

  29. Dan says:

    Love this remix

  30. terence says:

    thank you guys!!! sounds amazing!!!

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  32. sebastian says:

    very nice track

  33. demike says:

    this is the shit – like it

  34. delusionaldreams says:

    Awesome remix. Kicks f**ng ass.

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  36. haunsl says:


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