Julien-K: Killing Fields (Brandon Belsky Remix) Free Download

March 8, 2010, Posted by Overlord at 12:18 pm

Here is another INSIDETHETOURBUS exclusive… Amir found this unfinished remix while going through files on a laptop he was restoring and wanted to share it with all the Julien-K fans worldwide!

Unfinished? YES! Amir let us know that it is a remix that was never fully completed but cool enough in this state to share with all the loyal Julien-K fans.

Just click on the link right below this line for the download.

Killing Fields (3633)

MAC users: Use the link below this line to download a more MAC friendly file
Killing Fields Remix MP3 (1140)

Psst… the password is kickthespiral. All we ask is that you refrain from posting a direct link to the download elsewhere and you don’t mooch the download and post it on rapidshare or a place like that so you can be an e-hero to a few other likeminded individuals. We would like to be able to give Julien-K an accurate count and sharing it on other sources prevents us from being able to do that.

While KILLING FIELDS is not available on the North American version of DEATH TO ANALOG, you are still able to order the EUROPEAN version via Amazon Germany by clicking on the widget below.

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  1. BlackChester says:

    AWESOME Remix! <3
    but I'm missing the Brando lyrics ^^

  2. Pezzie says:

    LOVE IT! I like the original more but this is still awesome.

  3. [...] Fields” an, der von Brandon persönlich stammt. Nun ist er veröffentlicht und kann auf InsideTheTourbus runtergeladen werden. Eins wird jedoch schon beim ersten hören klar. Der Remix ist wie in der News [...]

  4. EGOR says:

    I’m not sure that I really like it… There IS NO ROCK(

  5. LPDANI says:

    thanks for this guys!! post done!

  6. Revenant Media says:

    Am I being too greedy when I want MORE?!?!?! Awesome track!

  7. delusionaldreams says:

    Awesome rmx;) Brandon Belsky strikes again!!! Ha.

  8. Franzi says:

    bando did an awesome job! i love it

  9. grace says:

    original is cool n remix is cool 2 XDDD

  10. [...] your FREE download of the Brandon Belsky Killing Fields remix here from [...]

  11. Amit Valand says:

    Freakin awesome remix!! Belsky has done it once again!!!

  12. JaySinkie says:

    Love the remix!
    Many Thanks to Brandon for making it, Amir for sending it, and InsideTheTourBus for releasing it!

  13. Necromacide says:

    Great job Brando, now I can’t stop listening to it! D= Why can’t you at least make less addicting remixes like, ONCE?


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